How to Join: 

Reach out by email (see below for address) and let us know you are interested or call the conductor directly (see below for phone number). If we know you are coming, we will be able to have music ready for you.  If you wish to come to rehearsal, and see if this is for you, please do! 



Direct Symphony E-mail address:

Cory Pederson (conductor of CRS) phone: 503-836-2198

Angela Pederson-Calvin (C0-founder) phone: 253-241-4607

How old do I have to be: 

We have members who are newer to the scene of music all the way up to very advanced performers.  It's a very inviting place for all players.  Those with less skill, learn and grow by performing with the other musicians, and over time they end up mentoring newer members in the future.  Players who are advanced also find that there are quite a few challenges to be had, but in the end, everyone is having important part of our group.  


When and where do you rehearse:

We rehearse every Saturday morning from 10am to Noon at Warrenton High School (in the band room).  Please see the "Rehearsal Dates" page for each season's schedule!


What if I can't make it to EVERY rehearsal: 

Of course, missing rehearsals is not the ideal way to rehearse and perform with any group, as working together on a consistent basis allowd us to achieve the most professional final product to our audiences. can be very busy, and we understand that some members cannot avoid missing a rehearsal or two.  All we ask is that we are given some notice before the missed rehearsal.  That way the conductor can prepare accordingly.