A Music Theory Class!

CRS Music Theory class is on hold for now. If you are interested in taking this class, contact Cory Pederson at crsmusicians@gmail.com .


This is a free course (textbook included...what a deal!)


This is  taught like a college level course, using the college textbook, Tonal Harmony.



  • CRS Music Theory Program (MTP) operates under CRS

  • Cory Pederson will be the MTP Director

  • CRS program will be open to all CRS members regardless of experience with music theory.  Participation is optional.

  • Program curriculum will align with first-year college music theory (Diatonic 1). 



  • A Music Theory Textbook (Tonal Harmony) for each participant will be provided.


  • Dates will updated when we return to rehearsals of find an alternative to live.


  • Keep momentum and interest going...encourage one another to take part in this amazing opportunity of learning!

  • Participants can work in groups if desired on readings, exercises, etc.

  • We will need participant volunteers (you are not required to do this part, but step-up and help lead if you are interested) to lead the technical discussion each week. (No pressure...as this will simply be a discussion with the group on the week's readings and how we incorporated it into our instrumental exercises at the beginning of the class). 

  • Incoming CRS members (ex. mid-year) are welcome to join. 

"This is definitely an exciting time for musicians along the North Oregon Coast.  I do not believe there is another music theory class present in our area, so please consider taking part.  If you do not know anything about music theory, no worries, as this class will work for all levels.  Think about this: with understanding the rules of music theory, musicians will be able to learn, perform, sight-read, compose, and enjoy music better."-Cory 

Here are just a couple links that discuss the benefits of music theory for musicians: