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Conductor:   Cory Pederson

Video Editor:    Don Anderson

Venue:    Liberty Theatre -

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The Sounds of Civilization

April 15, 2022

Columbia River Symphony presents a unique concert that depicts the Industrial Era of human history through "The Sounds of Civilization".

The music portrays the beauty and the unknown nature of unexplored  regions of the world at a time when the mandate for expansion dominated  this new era of human history. How does a civilization make music?  Listen to the sounds of trains like a drum rumbling along the tracks,  the clacking of hammers on a nail, the bleating of livestock, and the  crashing of goods in the market. Combined together it is a symphony that  only a civilization could produce; the evolving music of life,  livelihoods, and travel and trade. Listen intently to appreciate each  sound, and in turn, you can hear the music of civilizations such as;  America, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Kongo, Brazil and more.

Program Order


Composed by Rossano Galante

Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Spain)

Arranged by Geoff Knorr

Banaha (Kongo)

Arranged by Geoff Knorr

Aztec Fire

Composed by Jay Bocook

El Helwa Di (Egypt)

Arranged by Jeremy Bell


Composed by Steven Bryant

Hard Times Come Again No More (America)

Arranged by Geoff Knorr


Composed by Rossano Galante

Forgotten Tales of the West

Composted by Adrian B. Sims

CRS Spring 2022 Roster


Cory Pederson


Melissa Lagerquist

Acadia Dwyer


Laurie Swanson


Liam Carson

Elena Delgado


Gwen Gere

Drayden Payne

Brian Hannula

Jeff Kennedy

Beth Milsovic

Declan Wallace

Alto Saxaphone

Rogelio Ruiz Buckman

French Horn

Michael McClure

Carol Shepherd


Bob Latorre

Brian Vessey

Rollie Lindstrom

Michael Magnuson


Jim Achilles

Dwayne Wallace


Susan Hinton

Norié Durham


Greg Morrill


Delrey Chronister

Noah Kistner

Annie McClure

Amanda McClure

Jeff Kennedy

Violin I

Carole Feldman

Judy Anderson

Rosemary Ginther

Kate Drury

Audrey Cereghino

Violin II

Jessica Darrington

Jen Schenbeck

Allyson Fabela

Jora Mincey

Hana Ruiz Buckman

Dave Prichard

Robin Buckingham


Nick Baisley

Barry Bufkin

Aiden Hogan


Erik Utterback

Dylan Morrow

Angela Pederson-Calvin

Kyrstin Connell

Double Bass

Eleanor Bergman

To our wonderful and talented musicians, conductor, and volunteers


The Columbia River Symphony would like to thank the Liberty Theatre for hosting our Spring concert! For more info about the Liberty Theatre visit their website at

Columbia River Symphony is an all-volunteer, 503(c)(3) non-profit organization. All proceeds from supporter contributions and merchandise purchases assists our organization with providing free performances for our community and sharing the joy of playing music together.

Thank you for supporting to our community symphony!

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