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Rehearsal #1 -- September 19th, 2020

In preparation for our Virtual Concert...please read the following:

Hello CRS Musicians!  Below are my written rehearsal comments for those that are taking part in the virtual holiday winter concert.  


*** Classic Christmas Carols -- As you begin preparation for this piece, please work diligently on the overall tempos and tempo changes.  For the purpose of this first week's work, would you please add the additional tempo adjustments in bold print below:


Measure 6: Beat 4 = watch for a slightly held long beat

Measure 29 into measure 30 = keep the tempo the same going into the 2/4 section.

Measure 48...add a ritardano

The Fermata @ measure 82 = This will be cut-off before moving onwards.

Measure 119 = Not too much molto here

Measure 124 = ADD a ritardando and watch until the end.


Additional Notes:

Violins = for the pick-up to measure 20, please play a bit softer than you might think.


French Horns = At measure 30 -- Play quite strong and a bit overpowering here.


Trumpet 1 = At measure 111 AND 118-119 -- This should be heard above the orchestra and in a brilliant fashion.


Violin 1 solo in this piece = ALL violin 1 parts should play this solo.  However...based upon audio quality, we can adjust and/or mute/dampen as needed in post production.  


ALL STRINGS: At measure 91 = DO NOT play the cued notes. Thank you!



*** Overture to Miracle on 34th Street -- 

The tempo stays consistent from the beginning until measure 29 when there's a rallentando present, and then it picks up even faster right at measure 30. This tempo holds steady through the time signature changes until measure 55.  This is where there's a ritardando and then a faster tempo change right at measure 57.  There is NO ACCELERANDO going into measure 73, but it does move faster right on measure 73, and stays steady right to the end of the piece.


Additional Notes:

Trumpets = Play the cued notes from measures 2-6. Thank you!


I will handle the Chime and Timpani parts as I have access to them in my classroom in Jewell.  However...if a CRS percussionist would like to play the mallet part (I encourage someone to do so), please go ahead and play the chime part located on the sheet music.  Simply play octaves on the glockenspiel to mimic a chime sound as best as possible.  


Flutes = All flutes can play the solos within this piece.  As I mentioned with the violins in the previous piece, we can utilize as many or as few sounds as needed for the solos...depending upon audio quality and such.  Once again, we can adjust, and/or mute/dampen in post production as needed.  


Articulation and style = same as the previous piece.  Please listen to this selection a number of times, and copy the phrasing, articulations, and overall style that you hear.  


Percussionists: For both pieces...please feel free to play whichever part(s) you would like.  You may play more than one part, and if something isn't covered, I will reach out and ask for someone to help out if they are able.  If you do not have access to an instrument, please ask, and if all else fails, we can get really creative with trying to mimic the sounds that are needed. 


*** Again, please take some time to listen to both selections to help understand the intended articulations and phrasing.  My next guidance video next week will be a bit more targeted towards specific instruments, and specific phrasing, etc.  In a couple of weeks, my videos will turn towards more encouragement to move towards the recording stages.  At the latest, we will want to have all videos submitted by the first week of November, but I am going to encourage you all to have them submitted sooner if possible.  This will allow for more time in the post-production phase, and allow for a higher quality of product.  I will send out a link to submit completed videos to my Dropbox by the first week of October for those wanting to submit as early as possible. 


Thank you, all, and happy practicing!  Work hard, but have fun at the same time!

Miss you all, but so glad to be working together again.


Take care!

Cory  Pederson



Here is a video link to the rehearsal information above:






Rehearsal #2 -- September 26th, 2020 (Check-in next week for Rehearsal Message #2 in preparation for our Virtual Winter 2020 Concert.

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