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A Holiday Concert

"Together" concert title
Concert Title
Concert Video

​Conductor:    Cory Pederson

Video Editor:    Don Anderson

Photographer:    Don Anderson

​Venue:  Liberty Theatre -

In order to watch our concert videos you will need a device and browser capable of viewing YouTube videos.

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Click on a timestamp below to jump to a favorite moment in the concert video!

00:00 - Columbia River Symphony presents our Winter Concert December 2021 titled "Together"

03:35 - "A Christmas Alud Lang Syne" - Arranged by Edward MacDowell

07:20 - Intro to "Appalachian Carol"

07:53 - "Appalachian Carol"  - Arranged by Jerry Brubaker

12:09 - Intro to "Scenes from the Nutcracker"

13:13 - "Scenes from the Nutcracker" - Arranged by Michael Story

18:12 - Intro to "To A Wild Rose"

19:07 - "To A Wild Rose" - Composed by Edward MacDowell

21:23 - Intro to "For On This Day A Child Is Born"

22:01 - "For On This Day A Child Is Born" - Arranged by Chip Davis

25:06 - Intro to "Greensleeves"

25:48 - "Greensleeves" - Arranged by Chip Davis

30:08 - Intro to "Veni, Veni"

30:51 - "Veni, Veni" - Arranged by Chip Davis

36:00 - Intro to "A Cowboy Christmas"

36:59 - "Cowboy Christmas" - Arranged by Jeff Simmons

41:36 - Intro to "A Holiday Sing-Along"

42:52 - "A Holiday Sing-Along" - Arranged by Audrey Snyder - lyrics viewable under the concert program order below!

42:58 - "Deck the Halls"

44:14 - "Jingle Bells"

45:04 - "O Christmas Tree"

46:02 - "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

47:00 - End of Concert

Columbia River Symphony
Together - A Holiday Concert

December 10th & 11th, 2021

Columbia River Symphony presents our 6th annual holiday concert performed at the Liberty Theatre in Astoria, OR.

Program Order

A Christmas Alud Lang Syne

    Arranged by Edward MacDowell

Appalachian Carol

    Arranged by Jerry Brubaker

Scenes From the Nutcracker

    Arranged by Michael Story

To A Wild Rose

    Composed by Edward MacDowell

For On This Day A Child Is Born

    Arranged by Jeremy Bell


    Arranged by Chip Davis

Veni, Veni

    Arranged by Chip Davis

Cowboy Christmas

    Arranged by Jeff Simmons

A Holiday Sing-Along

    Arranged by Audrey Snyder

Timestamps in the "Video Description" under the concert video!

Check back April 2022 for our Spring Concert Series!

Interested in joining us? Check out our Rehearsal Dates page for our current schedule and updates.

Holday Sing-Along Lyrics

Holiday Sing-Along Lyrics

"Deck the Halls" lyrics

CRS Winter 2021 Roster


Melissa Lagerquist


Gwen Gere

Brian Hannula

Beth Milsovic


Brian Vessey

Bob LaTorre

Rollie Lindstrom

Hannah Jones

Michael Magnuson

Violin 1

Carole Feldman

Judy Anderson

Rosemary Ginther

Kate Drury

Karen Kimber

Alto Saxophone

Delrey Chronister


Dwayne Wallace


Greg Morrill

Violin 2

Julia Triezenberg

Jen Schenbeck

Jessica Darrington

Allyson Fabela

Riley Davis


Cory Pederson

French Horn

Raymond Nairn

Carol Shepherd


Desmond Chronister

Delrey Chronister


Erik Utterback

Angela Pederson-Calvin


Nick Baisley

To our wonderful and talented musicians, conductor, and volunteers


The Columbia River Symphony would like to thank the Liberty Theatre for hosting our annual concert! For more info about the Liberty Theatre visit their website at

A special thank you to Dave Drury for the wonderful pre-concert guitar stylings!

Thank you to Don Anderson for the CRS concert photographs and editing our concert video!

THANK YOU to our supporters!

Wes and Rosemary Ginther                   Diane Tiedeman                   Jan Faber

Marianne Keddington-Lang                   Gergerson Construction Inc.

Margaret Frimoth                   Sharyn Hedbloom                   Don and Amy Sticksel

Columbia River Symphony is an all-volunteer, 503(c)(3) non-profit organization. All proceeds from supporter contributions and merchandise purchases assists our organization with providing free performances for our community and sharing the joy of playing music together.

Please consider gifting an end-of-the-year contribution to our community symphony!

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