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Conductor:   Cory Pederson

Videographer:    Don Anderson

Channel Manager:    Willow Savage

Venue:    Liberty Theatre -

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Regatta Pops! (2022)

August 14, 2022

Columbia River Symphony presents "Regatta Pops!" in celebration with the Astoria Regatta festival held annually in Astoria, Oregon. Enjoy a number of water themed musical pieces along with fun community engagement. Special thank you to our volunteer conductors from our audience!

Program Order

Old Ironsides, Champion of the Seas

Composed by Jeremy Woolstenhulme

Lady In the Water

Composed by James Newton Howard

Arranged by Jack Bullock


Composed by John Powell

Arranged by Douglas E. Wagner

To Horizons Unseen...

Composed by Randall D. Standridge

---     Intermission     ----

The Iliad

From the Odyssey (Symphony No. 2)

Composed by Robert W. Smith

The Isle of Calypso

From the Odyssey (Symphony No. 2)

Composed by Robert W. Smith

Carole Feldman --- Violin

Forrest Gump Suite

Composed by Alan Silvestri

Arranged by Calvin Custer

CRS Summer 2022 Roster


Cory Pederson


Melissa Lagerquist

Serena Moha

Koa Chronister

Sadie Newenhof


Laurie Swanson


Liam Carson


Brayden Payn

Brian Hannula

Beth Milsovic

Riley Phillips

Declan Wallace

Alto Saxaphone

Rogelio Ruiz Buckman

French Horn

Carol Shepherd

Isabella Morrill


Bob Latorre

Brian Vessey

Rollie Lindstrom

Michael Magnuson


Jim Achilles

Dwayne Wallace


Susan Hinton

Norié Durham


Greg Morrill


Delrey Chronister

Margaret Frimoth

Sharyn Hedbloom

Noah Kistner


Kaleb Brewer

Isabella Morrill

Violin I

Carole Feldman

Judy Anderson

Rosemary Ginther

Kate Drury

Violin II

Angela Pederson-Calvin

Jen Schenbeck

Allyson Fabela

Jessica Darrington

Hana Ruiz Buckman

Kathy Kinman


Eli Harold

Aiden Hogan


Phyllis Taylor

Amy Sticksel

Krystin Connell

Double Bass

Eleanor Bergman

To our wonderful and talented musicians, conductor, and volunteers


The Columbia River Symphony would like to thank the Liberty Theatre for hosting our Summer concert! For more info about the Liberty Theatre visit their website at

Columbia River Symphony is an all-volunteer, 503(c)(3) non-profit organization. All proceeds from supporter contributions and merchandise purchases assists our organization with providing free performances for our community and sharing the joy of playing music together.

Thank you for supporting to our community symphony!

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