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*** Please see below for information on playing in our virtual Winter 2020 Virtual Holiday Concert -- Also click on "Rehearsal Tab" to read the Week #1 Rehearsal Notes. 

The Columbia River Symphony is proud to announce that we have a wide range of merchandise available for the public, with some new additions. Below are the items that we currently have available. Please send an email to to inquire about purchasing. CRS is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all proceeds will assist our organization with the expenses of creating our virtual symphony performances, and helping to keep our musical family (symphony and community) connected through these difficult times. Please consider supporting your local community symphony, and message us at for purchasing. Thank you!


CRS Merchandise:

***Clothing attire colors (Light Gray, Dark Gray, White, Black, and Pink).

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Hello CRS musicians and supporters.

When we return from the current COVID-19 situation, we will be looking for NEW and returning musicians:  Please contact us at if you are interested in joining.  We are in need of string players (violin, viola, cello and double bass), as well as clarinet,  bassoon, & low brass (trombone, euphonium, tuba). We are accepting other positions as well, so please contact us about joining.  Thank you!

Hello North Coast Musicians!!!


I have an exciting announcement that I would like to make on behalf of the entire Columbia River Symphony board. Although times are difficult, and for the moment we are unable to get together in person, we as an ensemble can continue to push forward and share the joy and togetherness of music to our community & beyond. CRS is thrilled to announce that we are moving forward with our Winter 2020 Holiday Concert Season!!! The concert will be around an hour long virtual concert, that will feature our most recent “An Ode to Joy Festival” performance (which is in post production & ready for viewing in about a week or two), and many other selections. PLEASE READ BELOW FOR THE DETAILS! I am asking for a reply to this message, so PLEASE read through! 😀


CRS will perform two (2) more virtual pieces, which will be explained in depth below. I am also reaching out to lots of other musicians to play specific selections, separate from the full orchestra pieces for this concert. For the upcoming two virtual selections, there will be invitations sent out to all musicians in this region that would like to participate, as CRS is wanting to make this an inclusive performance for all musicians during this challenging time. Below is the outline of the concert that I have put together, although it is changing a bit depending upon a number of variables:


Winter 2020 Virtual Holiday Concert:

1. An Ode to Joy Festival (CRS - Virtual Performance - Full Symphony)

2. Overture to Miracle on 34th Street (CRS - Virtual Performance - Full Symphony)

3. Acoustic Guitar Holiday selection

4. Vocal Selection with piano and guitar

5. A-Holiday-Sing Along -- CRS “Pre-recorded” with audience

6. Classic Christmas Carols (CRS - Virtual Symphony - Full Symphony)

7. Oboe-Cello-Piano Trio

8. Trumpet Holiday Quartet

9. Flute Soloist

10. CRS “Pre-Recorded CRS Holiday Selection

11. Astoria Tuba Quartet

12. Selection from North Coast Chamber Orchestra (NCCO) = This group has accepted to participate in the virtual performances.

13. ... and more.

Requests to represent the other ensembles in the area have been sent out.


In between all of these video performances, I will be calling upon CRS members (all voluntary) to record vignettes with a holiday greeting & such to personalize the concert even more. This will be fun!!! More on this in late September. Below is the rough calendared outline for this project:


September 12th: CRS Holiday 2020 Program & Invitation to Join Announcement


September 19th: Video/written rehearsal pointers and guidance for virtual music (sent in email & on CRS webpage). I will send out short videos via email and posted on our Webpage and Facebook page, rehearsal guidelines and suggestions for your practicing time.


September 26: Video/written rehearsal pointers and guidance for virtual music (sent in email & on CRS webpage).


October 3rd: Video/written rehearsal pointers and guidance for virtual music (sent in email & on CRS webpage).


October 10th: Video/written rehearsal pointers and guidance for virtual music (sent in email & on CRS webpage).


October 17th—November 14th: Video Submissions (Reminder notices and other communication items will be taking place here (roster names, “printed program” created, advertising, etc.).


Roughly five (5) weeks in post production putting the concert together.


Virtual Concert Date. TBD (It will be somewhere between December 19-25th.


-- BELOW are the TWO (2) NEW Virtual pieces for CRS to work on & submit:


*** Overture to Miracle on 34th Street

*** Classic Christmas Carols


Both of these titles are in the CRS Dropbox link found HERE:



Please find your parts and begin practicing. Within the next week I will send you the audio and video backing for these two pieces so that you will have the exact tempo & conducting in place. Please consider following along with my weekly video/written notes that I will place on the CRS Webpage, Facebook page, and via email. I will have these posted by Saturday according to the proposed calendar above. Once you are ready to record, I will open up the Dropbox links (which I will send to you, by October 17), and you will have until November 14th to submit your files.


*** Please notify me if you are planning to take part by simply messaging me back with a quick YES, or a NO THANK YOU. With our first round of the virtual orchestra we had just about everyone take part...musicians of every skill & comfort level, and that really made it fun and worthwhile! Please consider keeping this momentum moving forward, and let’s create together an amazing display of the musical arts along the North Coast region. (***The "Ode to Joy Festival" selection we video should be done within the next week or two)!


***If you are new to working through the virtual symphony performance process, please message me back, and I will be happy to help guide you through. It is really quite simple to do. In practice your part, and then video record it when you are happy with your results, and then submit them to a Dropbox link that I will send you after a few weeks. That's it. The rest will be done with a very small team behind the scenes that will put all of these videos together for a finished product.


For individuals that could not participate in CRS's virtual performance in the last round, due to not having the right technology available to record, please let me know. WE want all of you to participate, and we’ll help you out as much as possible. THE CRS board has already considered purchasing a small video camera in which we can share (obviously sanitized) with those that need it. There are a good number of musicians that have offered to use their phones (with good social distancing) to record your playing, or even letting you borrow their phone for an hour or so, again...with everything being thoroughly sanitized. Just let me know and we’ll help make it happen. We will make sure these devices are available to record...simply let me know!


This is a long message, but an important one that will keep the music alive and moving within our community and beyond. Please don't hesitate to take part in this exciting opportunity, and to share your love and talents in the universal language of music.


I look forward to working with you all over the next few months, to continue the holiday traditions that we have started together so many years ago. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you!

Stay safe & take care.

Cory Pederson

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