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Spring Season Play-Along 2021

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CRS Play-Along Week #6

May 10th, 2021 -- WEEK #6 CRS Play-Along


Hello, CRS musicians/supporters.  CRS Play-Along week #6 is here, and this one will wrap up with our “Dusk” music selection.  Below you will find the YouTube link to two videos:


  1. “Dusk” (Measure 53 to the end.

  2. “Dusk” (The entire selection from beginning to end)


Please take some time to truly feel the warmth and controlled sound of your notes to the very end.  Always produce a full sound even at the softest of levels.  I often begin my warmups at school with long tones, and I work with all of my students on producing a good full sound at all levels (p, mp, f, ff).  If your sound begins to “break” apart at the loudest levels, or is thin and wimpy at the softest of levels, then examine what is causing this.  Is it breath support, lack of air, bow pressure, bow location (straight bow), bow grip, etc.  There are always reasons for why your sound is the way it is, so don’t be afraid to research, ask questions, and challenge yourself to practice, improve, and provide the best sound in ALL registers.  


I am also a firm believe that listening to multiple examples of the sound that you would like to emulate will help you on your journey to finding this sound.  The same goes for the music in which you are working on.  Before playing all the way through “Dusk,” take a listen to some of the examples that I provided, and find some on your own.  You’ll be surprised by the different interpretations that are out there.  Musical ideas and possible suggestions can come from the different styles that you are exposed to, and I believe this only further builds your toolbox of creativity and musicality.  


Enjoy, and have fun with this week’s work on “Dusk!”


As always, please share any and all progress that you are making! (  It’s always great to hear from each and everyone of you.  Please stay tuned for more information about the continued work with the CRS Play-Along series, and more things CRS!


Take care, all, and have a great rest of your week!

Cory Pederson   


YouTube Videos:

Dusk -- Measures 53-End:


Dusk -- Entire piece:


Supplemental Material (Dusk Videos): 



  3. (Very inspiring to watch)

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CRS Community Holiday Concert!

CRS has just released their second version of the virtual performance of "An Ode to Joy Festival." Please enjoy!

—Thank you, Mr. Jon Rausch


Here is our December Holiday Concert. 

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