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Hello CRS musicians and supporters.

Hello CRS Musicians!  I truly do hope that this message finds all of you being healthy and safe.  


Not having the opportunity to work with musicians for the first time in over three decades has been a real struggle as the sounds of all of the musicians working together (school and community) is something I believe most of us have relied on as part of our everyday lives.  I am writing to provide some updates as to where the Columbia River Symphony is headed, and what your board of directors is focusing on in the months ahead.  


  1.  Mt. St. Helens Performance -- Although CRS needed to postpone our Mt. St. Helens performance, the organizers at Mt. St. Helens and CRS are still in contact to select a new date to continue with this exciting performance opportunity.  Of course...this will all be determined over time, and we will make sure that we communicate any news to all of you!

  2. American Empress shows were also cancelled for this Spring, but our partnership with this organization remains intact and planning for the future will resume.

  3. When will CRS return...this is a question on many of our minds, but first and foremost, we will return when everything is allowed to return, and as musicians, we truly feel safe to play in a group again.  The CRS board is meeting virtually tomorrow and we will talk about the summer season, and I’ll get back to you in regards to what this will look like (if it is able to move forward).  

  4. CRS is looking to start a way in which to keep us more connected and engaged during this time.  After the CRS board meeting tomorrow, we will send out some options for musicians to further connect with one another, our community, and the world.  We will be providing music challenges, social media connections, online ensemble “performances” and more. I appreciate those of you that have shared some of your ideas already!  If you have an idea in which to share to keep the music alive and the CRS family together with our surrounding communities, please feel free to share.  


I miss you all, but I also know that we will return!  We will be making music together, learning together, and sharing together what we love!  Music is healing, inspirational, and as we have said since starting this is what our feelings sound like!  I Look forward to sharing all of our talents once again!  


Stay safe and healthy out there, and let’s keep in touch!


Take care,

Cory Pederson 

When we return from the current COVID-19 situation, we will be looking for NEW and returning musicians:  Please contact us at if you are interested in joining.  We are in need of string players (violin, viola, cello and double bass), as well as clarinet,  bassoon, & low brass (trombone, euphonium, tuba). We are accepting other positions as well, so please contact us about joining.  Thank you!

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