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CRS 2021 Winter/Holiday Concert Season Information




The CRS board of directors at our last board meeting has set a start date for CRS to resume rehearsals for our Winter/Holiday season beginning on Saturday, October 2nd @ Warrenton High School (we currently have a building use request in, and are waiting for word on the approval). Rehearsals are going to be every Saturday, as per our previous seasons, but we are going to break them into two different sections:  Strings in one rehearsal section and winds/percussion in another section. PLEASE READ BELOW IN REGARDS TO REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE WITH RESTRICTIONS DUE TO COVID-19, as well as to more specifics on what the ensemble will look like for this season.


*** We know that everyone is concerned about COVID and its impact on health and safety, and we share those concerns.  As of this time -- and the situation is, as we know, fluid -- our Board of directors have decided on the following protocols:


1. All participants will need to sign a COVID waiver.  We will have a waiver form placed on our website shortly (on the home page).  Please bring the signed waiver form to the first rehearsal.  We will also have these forms available at the first rehearsal.

2. ALL participants will need to be fully vaccinated (you will need to bring a photocopy of your vaccination card to our first rehearsal).  

3. All musicians will be masked during rehearsal (except for the wind players that would be present...please stay masked during long rests, and between pieces).  Woodwind and brass players may elect to use a specialized mask that allows for the insertion of a mouthpiece and/or bell covers for their instrument, although not required.  If you would like the use of these items but need assistance in acquiring them, please let us know.

4. Musicians will be socially distanced according to CDC guidance.


Obviously, no set of protocols are entirely effective, and no ensemble member should feel under pressure or obligation to resume rehearsals.  This is a personal decision that involves many factors and CRS totally understands any hesitancy.  However, we also feel that if we are going to produce something like a normal season of performance that we need to start the rehearsal process.  As noted, we all understand that conditions and regulations are changing almost daily, and we will respond appropriately.  

Rehearsal Times: 

  • Strings (Violins, Violas, Cellos, & Double Basses & Piano only) =      9:00am-10:30am

  • Winds/Percussion (Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons, Clarinets, Saxophones, French Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Euphoniums, Tubas, and Percussion Players...did I miss anyone...LOL)  = 10:45am-12:15pm


Each group will perform their own selections for the upcoming Winter concert season.  For example: a strings only ensemble where we will work on music only for strings, and Winds/Percussion which will only work on concert band material for the holiday concert.  This provides us an excellent opportunity to work with each portion of the ensemble more specifically to further fine-tune the ensemble.  We will however, put together a piece or two that can be combined, in case things clear up enough that we are able to rehearse together closer towards December...more on this later. 


Our Winter concert will be a recorded concert (no audience), with each ensemble performing 4-5 selections.  I am also looking for a few musicians/groups to perform some festive selections on their own to be recorded, in the vein of how we did last year for our virtual concert...such as what was done with the Windham Hill Ensemble, The Astoria Tuba Quartet, The Stella Quartet, and etc. Please let me know if you are interested in this idea as well.  I will also reach out to a few of you that I am hoping would like to participate.  Our virtual holiday concert last year was well received and was a great fundraising concert for this organization.  


*** Please let me know ASAP if you plan on attending or not the CRS Fall/Winter 2021 Holiday Concert Season.  Simply hit "reply" to this email, and say YES or NO! ensemble member should feel under pressure or obligation to resume rehearsals.  This is a personal decision that involves many factors and CRS totally understands any decision made.  For those that choose not to take part in this round, CRS will provide virtual recordings, and practice videos that you may take part in on your own...AND of course, you will always be welcome back at any time.  The current requirements to participate will also be evaluated monthly by the organization as time moves on.


Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsal #1: October 2nd

Rehearsal #2: October 9th

Rehearsal #3: October 16th

Rehearsal #4: October 23rd

Rehearsal #5: October 30th

Rehearsal #6: November 6th

Rehearsal #7: November 13th

Recording Dates: The week of November 14-20th...Will try to schedule the recording date to be on Saturday, November 20th...location may be Liberty Theatre, and possible other sights.   


Thank you!

Cory Pederson and the CRS Board of Directors

Columbia River Symphony



Relive the joy

Of Our 

CRS 2020 Community Holiday Concert!

CRS has just released their second version of the virtual performance of "An Ode to Joy Festival." Please enjoy!

—Thank you, Mr. Jon Rausch


Here is our December Holiday Concert. 

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virtual program for our concert.

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