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*** Please see below for information on playing in our virtual Winter 2020 Virtual Holiday Concert -- Also click on "Rehearsal Tab" to read the Week #1 Rehearsal Notes. 

The Columbia River Symphony is proud to announce that we have a wide range of merchandise available for the public, with some new additions. Below are the items that we currently have available. Please send an email to to inquire about purchasing. CRS is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all proceeds will assist our organization with the expenses of creating our virtual symphony performances, and helping to keep our musical family (symphony and community) connected through these difficult times. Please consider supporting your local community symphony, and message us at for purchasing. Thank you!


CRS Merchandise:

***Clothing attire colors (Light Gray, Dark Gray, White, Black, and Pink).

A. Hoodies -- $35

B  Totes -- $15

C.  T-Shirts -- $20

D. Long Sleeve T-Shirts - $20

E. Hats -- $15

F. Mugs -- $10



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Hello CRS musicians and supporters.

When we return from the current COVID-19 situation, we will be looking for NEW and returning musicians:  Please contact us at if you are interested in joining.  We are in need of string players (violin, viola, cello and double bass), as well as clarinet,  bassoon, & low brass (trombone, euphonium, tuba). We are accepting other positions as well, so please contact us about joining.  Thank you!

Good evening, CRS Musicians & Supporters!


I am writing to let you know that the CRS Dropbox Folders are now open for submitting your Virtual CRS pieces for "Classic Christmas Carols," and "Overture to a Miracle on 34th Street."  You have 1 month (4 weeks) to get them submitted.  Last day for submission is Saturday, November 7th.  Please submit the correct video to the correct link below!  *** Also, if you are able, please record your videos with your camera filming at a horizontal position, as this allows for easier editing in the editing room.  Also...please make sure to dress up for this "performance" and wear your concert attire! may also be festive for the holiday spirit and have a cool background, or added pin, festive hat, etc.!  Have fun with it all!!!


"Classic Christmas Carols" Dropbox Submission Link:



"Overture to a Miracle on 34th Street" Submission Link:


***PLEASE submit your videos sometime over the next 4 weeks!  We are nearing the completion of this project.  There are so many people, and groups involved, and most importantly, so many that are devoting their time and resources to make this wonderful experience come to life.  Please see the performance groups listed below to see how many musicians are involved with this project!  Let's finish strong, and share the joy, love, and importance of the arts in our community!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


Performance Groups for the CRS Sponsored Community Winter Holiday Concert:


  • Columbia River Symphony (3 virtual pieces & 2 previously recorded selections). *** "Ode to Joy" is nearing completion...the gentleman apologizes for the long delay...he has had some personal issues which have caused the delay.  From what I have heard, it looks and sounds amazing.

  • Astoria Tuba Quartet

  • North Coast Chorale (Small Ensemble representing the choir)

  • Greg & Isabella Morrill (Holiday Duet)

  • Pacific City/Tillamook Trio (Oboe/English Horn, Cello, and Piano...performing Windham Hill selections)

  • Dave Drury (Holiday Acoustic Guitar)

  • Stella String Quartet (featuring string players from various local ensembles)

  • Trumpet Quartet (Original arrangement from Brian Vessey, featuring trumpet players from various local ensembles)

  • String/Wind Trio (Jennifer Crockett, Judy Woodward & Betsey Ellerbroek)

  • Melissa Lagerquist & Diane Amos (representing NCCO from Cannon Beach)


Here are some tips for a successful recording provided by Gwen Gere (Board member of the Columbia River Symphony).


According to the pros (of which I am not), if  you are in a room that echoes, put a thick blanket over your head and the microphone, it will make you sound great. Works for just audio, BUT if you are playing an instrument and need video you look pretty stupid. OR.... you could try putting blankets, pillows, etc. on all the surfaces that reverb your sound. Put stuff on your wood floor (pillows, couch cushions, hang a blanket by you, just not over your head. Don't trip over all of that stuff when you're done playing.


Since you are playing an instrument, be sure that most of it shows up in the video. We like to see it. Check the lighting to be sure we can see your face. If you look scared, it's probably what you look like in a concert anyway.

Check your background. You may want to throw your laundry in the washer, move the litter box and take the Vampire posters off the wall.


Please wear concert attire for this one. It makes you look professional, and, in our opinion, it makes you play better. Check the CRS website if you're not sure what that is.


When you're recording, if you can watch Cory conducting as well as listen to the music, it's almost like being in a rehearsal/ concert. Just set up your monitor, if you can so you can see him out of the corner of your eye. He's cool to watch (really!) and it helps to physically see the tempos changes, etc.


If you need help, call someone. A little encouragement and technical advice goes a long way. We all struggle.


Have fun. We know this is weird,  but we're all in this together and we can support each other and the arts by taking this musical leap.


(Thank you for providing this information Gwen!!!).


I will continue to send out reminders each week to begin submitting your videos!  Justin Graton will be tackling just about all of the post production, and he is VERY excited to help us put this all together!  If you have any questions, or if there are issues with getting your videos into the Dropbox folder, please let me know.


Thank you, all!!!  

Take care,

Cory Pederson  

CRS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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