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Columbia River Symphony and the Seaside High School Choir


Holiday Sounds

Concert Video

​CRS Conductor:    Cory Pederson

SHCC Director:   Jackie Marchioro

Guest Conductor:   Isabella Morrill

Singer/Guitarist:   Jim Achilles

Video Editor:    Don Anderson

Photographer:    Don Anderson

​Venue:  Liberty Theatre -

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Holiday Sounds

December 10th, 2022

Columbia River Symphony and the Seaside High School Chamber Choir presents "Holiday Sounds", a celebration of the holidays with traditional and contemporary symphonic and choral music selections. The program includes the premier of "Waking from Yesterday" composed and conducted by Isabella Morrill, a unique arrangement and performance of "Remember Me" by Jim Achilles from Disney/Pixar's Coco, and a special appearance by the one and only Santa Claus!

Program Order

A Most Wonderful Christmas

arranged by Robert Sheldon

Somewhere in My Memory

arranged by Mark Hayes

Carol of the Bells

arranged by Robert Sheldon

Waking from Yesterday

composed by Isabella Morrill


Somerset Overture

composed by Robert Parker


Bells of Joy

arranged by Larry Clark & Rae Moses

Good Night Dear Heart

composed by Dan Forrest

A Carol Triptych

composed by Pierre La Plante

Remember Me

composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez,

arranged by Jim Achilles

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

arranged by Luther Henderson

A Holiday Sing-Along

arranged by John Moss

Holiday Sing-Along Lyrics

"Deck the Halls" lyrics


Cory Pederson

Flute / Piccolo

Melissa Lagerquist

Sadie Newenhof

Acadia Dwyer

Koa Chronister

Oboe / English Horn

Laurie Swanson


Brayden Payne

Brian Hannula

Jeff Kennedy

Beth Milsovic

Riley Phillips

Diana Mortensen

Declan Wallace

Mary Rohner

Bass Clarinet

Victoria Cancio-Lewellen

Alto Saxophone

Rogelio Ruiz-Buckman

Tenor Saxophone

Elena Delagado

French Horn

Carol Shepherd

Jackson Hughston

Raymond Narin


Bob LaTorre

Brian Vessey

Rollie Lindstrom

Michael Manuson

Daniel Erfurdt

Jessica Newton


Jim Achilles


Susan Hinton

Norie' Durham


Greg Morrill

Marcy Lemas


Delrey Chronister

Margaret Frimoth

Sharyn Hedbloom

Noah Kistner

Willow Savage


Karen Mcnees

Violin I

Carole Feldman

Kate Drury

Rosemary Ginther

Judy Anderson

Violin II

Jen Schenbeck

Allison Fabela

Angela Pederson-Calvin

Robyn Buckingham

Hana Ruiz-Buckman

Riley Phillips


Nick Baisley

Aaron Schuman

Aiden Hogan


Phyllis Taylor

Amy Sticksel

Dylan MOrrow

Rachel MOrrow

Erik Utterback

Kyrstin Connell

String Bass

Eleanor Bergman

CRS Winter 2022 Roster


Jackie Marchioro

Abe Archibald

Axel Arellano-Palacios

Briseida Ayala

Eva Bailey

Ella Bankston

Adam Bilyeu

Alex Bilyeu

Ayaunna Bolin

Tyler Byrd

Bella Cave

Reese Clark

Ella Clyde

Aiden Craton

Min Crews

Olivia Esnard

Maria Espinoza

Tavius Gilmer

Lia Hansen

Maria Herrera

Leonard Hoge

Paulina Jimenez

Jayden Johnson

Sean Kerwin

Sophia King

Fernanda Lopez Becerra

Al Macura

Augi Manhire

Emily Martinez Guillen

Lindsey McCarthy

Maddie Menke

Hunter Price

Kayla Rechmann

Keira Rodriguez

Clay Rose

Christine Sheldon

Seaside High School Chamber Choir - Winter 2022

To our wonderful musicians, conductor, and volunteers


The Columbia River Symphony would like to thank the Liberty Theatre for hosting our annual concert! For more info about the Liberty Theatre visit their website at

A special thank you to our guest conductor and local composer Isabella Morrill for sharing with us the premier of her beautiful composition "Waking from Yesterday".

Thank you to Jim Achilles for his orchestral arrangement and his vocal/guitar accompaniment of "Remember Me" from the Disney/Pixar movie Coco.

Thank you to Don Anderson for the CRS concert photographs and editing our concert video!

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Columbia River Symphony is a vibrant 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization that provides countless opportunities for individuals to connect through music. All of our concerts and events are designed to make music accessible to every member of our growing virtual and regional communities. We celebrate and feel our impact through inter-generational experiences that instill connection, belonging, and service to our communities and beyond.

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